Thursday, April 9, 2009

Working on a new piece!

Well, I started a new piece. What did I get myself into? I always do this, I set out to make a nice, simple necklace, and it turns into a six strand nightmare!! Well, they always look pretty when they're done, but OY the headache in the making!

I've been working here and there today during naptime on it. These little buggers make it almost impossible sometimes!

Conor, 2 and Andrew, 3

It also gets a little difficult because usually I sit on my bed and work. I don't have a "workspace", per se, so I sit on my bed and do my thing. I lay everything out on my bead tray and have at it. Today I was even chatting with my fellow Etsyans in the forums while I worked. Ask me why I didn't get much done!

What a mess, but I make do! My mom (the other half of Brewergals!) has a whole workroom set up at her house, the wench. If she didn't live 45 minutes away I'd probably be there every night using it!! Oh well.

I just have to put up some more pictures of the boys, well, for the hell of it. Because they're the cutest boys in the whole wide world. (I may be a bit biased in my opinion, though. :D)

Conor (2) Andrew (3)

Well, that's enough for now. Til next time, Ciao, babe!


  1. Oh you are just like me lol! I chat with etsyians and crochet at the same time...well, not quite! I usually try to type between stitches!

    You have gorgeous work, keep it up!

  2. like so many of us here on etsy, busy with family, home, and our crafts. Love the photos of your children, love the smiles.